Guestbook II. Photo card board.

We continue signing books for weddings.

A few weeks ago we showed you the puzzle we did for a wedding and Today we’re bringing you another idea.

It is very simple, but once it is completed is very attractive. Is a numbered wooden board with nails and a box with numbered cards also have pieces of a picture of the couple.

mural8 (Large)

Guests are signing a card randomly and placing it in the right place, so that in the end the image appears on a large mosaic of congratulations.

mural2 (Large)mural6 (Large)

They asked us on 1.1 x 0.8 m but can be made of any size you want, something to consider if you will hang it as decoration in your home.

We accompany it with a wooden box for storing cards and a little sign to match a simple explanation for the guests.

mural1 (Large)mural4 (Large)

Sandra, Ignacio: we wish you all the best in this new phase of your lives.


(And of course thank you for lending your image to illustrate this blog post)

If you like the idea or have any other one for your guest book, do not hesitate to contact us.