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Speak friend and enter.

What if we put the gates of Moria? This was the question I asked my wife when we did not know what to do with the big mirror we have in the entrance hall. Of course the answer was a resounding yes.

Said and done, a week after the mirror was decorated.

The first thing we did, (well my wife) she drew the Gates of Moria and cut vinyl to stick in in the mirror and paint. Once drawn, cut and numbered vinyl we got down to work to put the vinyl, about 11. We Placed it and removed the leftover vinyl to paint. It is worth saying that the vinyls were to be used as a mask. Then we gave with water-based varnish.

Puertas de Moria
Moria gates drawing

The image above is taken from a page of drawings by Tolkien called Anarda

Now I tell the story of why we chose water-based varnish as “painting”. When we did the workshop, we covered it with wood to make it more friendly. Well, when it was varnished we saw as a few drops of paint fell on the window. When my wife saw the effect of varnish on the glass said he had the same effect as if we had painted an acid etched glass. It’s true that gives that impression, with the slight difference that the varnish, if you like, you can remove. And here the story of the varnish.

Here below youcan see the result. we love it and many of our friends too. The truth is that it draws much attention and is the first thing you see when you enter the house.

Espejo Puertas de Moria
Moria Gates in our mirror


Hello, to start with this, we have chosen the book-lamp. Everyone has books at home, or we have read and will not be back to read more and do not want anyone suffering with their reading, or just use them to make lump on the shelf. Well, we present a retirement option for those books but, of course, giving a utility for which they had not been created. It is a simple process obtained from a site called Instructables, which we will not go into details of the process. I leave the picture below, reference concerned the book-lamp is an ordinary bulb, low consumption of course.

Once made this lamp, we were asked that would serve one to put on the headboard of the bed to read. It is true that with a low power light bulb, the light is very tenuous. Enlightens enough, but is not valid for reading. Well, in this case, changed the bulb with several strips of high brightness LED. As consumption is ridiculous, it gives a very powerful and pleasant light. For my taste has the small snag that this model should keep a transformer.


It was so presented our blog. I hope you liked it.

Here we go!!

Welcome to Mj2artesanos. We begin a new journey through this world of blogs to give to know some of our work. Try that is dynamic and interesting. We will shortly start our adventure hoping to enjoy and that you enjoy the blog.