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Restoration work. I

One of our readers asked us if we could help him  with some plaster friezes. They were old and some of the pieces were broken. As it was not possible to find the same ones, we made a silicone mold to make a couple of new pieces. (and assure the customer that he could do it again, or ask us to make more copies if necessary).

Here are some pictures of the process.

1. The box.


2. Silicone mold and original piece.2


3. First layer of plaster.


4.Fiberglass to reinforce. The broken ones didn’t had any reinforcement..


5. The last layer of plaster has slits for easy wall mounting.


6. Copy (still fresh).


7. Placed with its  “ancestors”, which obviously after a hundred years, they have another color … Nothing that can not be fixed in the next century …



A gift for train enthusiasts


We show you one of the last commissions that we have made.

tren2 (Large)

tren1 (Large)

It’s a railway model of the Steam Locomotive RENFE 040 (PIKO) Epoch III. H0 scale.

tren4 (Large)

It is mounted on a methacrylate urn with an inscription that some colleagues have commissioned for the retirement of a fan of trains.

tren3 (Large)

Is mounted on a section of track, so that is still functional so that the recently retired still can play with it if he wants.

Thanks to our great friend Sebastián Salvador, for teaching us the little tricks of this world.

If you have any railway model enthusiast friend, this is the gift you guys were looking for.

Customizing a motorcycle, scale 1/24

A few weeks ago we were commissioned to make a motorcycle Ducati 250 Deluxe 1971, since is not in the market. Specifically this:


Building it from scratch meant an amount of time and effort that made it an unviable work for a gift and the time with which we had, so we offered the possibility of modifying a commercial scale model “ducati 350 mk3 desmo 1974” that did not had much to do in terms of aesthetics, but overall structure itself served us as a good working basis.


The model is 1/24 scale, which means that the total length is about 9cm.


The first thing we did was to disassemble all that had to change and make a copy of the principal piece (tank and seat base).


From the resin copy, we could work more easily, sanding and cutting the with picture as a model.


The tank had no resemblance, either the seat , so we did in these and other parts a base with modeling clay, oven hardened, to retouch then more carefully.



For painting, we draw a mask to apply the two tones more accurately than doing it freehand.

Chassis only had to change the color and the position of the dampers.

This was the result:


Finally, we used the urn in which came the model and deleted the labeling to add a new one.

Moto in presentation box

Thanks Patricia for letting us play a little, we hope he was pleasantly surprised.