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Hello, to start with this, we have chosen the book-lamp. Everyone has books at home, or we have read and will not be back to read more and do not want anyone suffering with their reading, or just use them to make lump on the shelf. Well, we present a retirement option for those books but, of course, giving a utility for which they had not been created. It is a simple process obtained from a site called Instructables, which we will not go into details of the process. I leave the picture below, reference concerned the book-lamp is an ordinary bulb, low consumption of course.

Once made this lamp, we were asked that would serve one to put on the headboard of the bed to read. It is true that with a low power light bulb, the light is very tenuous. Enlightens enough, but is not valid for reading. Well, in this case, changed the bulb with several strips of high brightness LED. As consumption is ridiculous, it gives a very powerful and pleasant light. For my taste has the small snag that this model should keep a transformer.


It was so presented our blog. I hope you liked it.