Magic Cube

Cubo mágico Villavieja de Yeltes. magic cube

We are opening a new category: “Toys” with something we did out of curiosity, (which is our weakness), a few years ago, when came to our hands a puzzle. Well, It is not really a puzzle, because one must not think anything, just manipulate it, so that in a curious way they appear images. Generally we have seen as a funny advertising medium and it was fun to see how we could build one.

In this case I decided to personalize it with images of my town, Villavieja Yeltes in the province of Salamanca (Spain), and the truth is that it was quite successful among my countrymen that year.


So much so we finally made some of them personalized as a gift for a birthday and a wedding.

It is built with blocks of wood, laser prints with a good resolution and laminated to prevent spoilage with use.

Following this toy, I studied the Kaleidocycle, a rotating object created with paper, rather curious. Starting with a flat surface (a sheet) folded in a certain way, you can turn on itself showing the different faces. The truth is that when we made it, I spent hours turning over and around. You can learn more about them here


According to the Wikipedia article, the cube we have shown at the beginning of this post is also a variety of kaleidocycle, reading it, I’ve discovered this Yoshimoto cube (coming soon…)


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