A toy for sharing with our daughter

On this occasion we suggest you to make a toy for your kids to share your workspace, is that, even though the Three Kings just left their gifts, our daughter (as is usual in children) seems to have more fun … Continue reading

Juguete buscar parejas

The Nebra Disk

The Nebra Sky Disk is, to date, the oldest known depiction of the sky and astronomical phenomena. It is an archaeological find discovered in 1999 on Mount Mittelberg, near Nebra (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany). It is a bronze plaque with gold decorations, … Continue reading

Réplica disco de Nebra, Nebra disk replica

Restoration work. I

One of our readers asked us if we could help him  with some plaster friezes. They were old and some of the pieces were broken. As it was not possible to find the same ones, we made a silicone mold … Continue reading

Restauración yesería, plaster restoration

A gift for train enthusiasts

Google We show you one of the last commissions that we have made. It’s a railway model of the Steam Locomotive RENFE 040 (PIKO) Epoch III. H0 scale. It is mounted on a methacrylate urn with an inscription that some … Continue reading

Locomotora Renfe 040 en urna para regalo

Customizing a motorcycle, scale 1/24

A few weeks ago we were commissioned to make a motorcycle Ducati 250 Deluxe 1971, since is not in the market. Specifically this: Building it from scratch meant an amount of time and effort that made it an unviable work … Continue reading

Modificación modelo comercial ducatti 250 deluxe artesanal