Acid etching

Grabado ácido. el señor de los anillos. lord of the rings Acid etching



We try new techniques and this time to etching.

At first seemed a most delicate matter that has come to be, but being careful and with good templates, we can achieve very good results.
The liquid used for engraving can be purchased at craft stores, but should be a fairly specialized, because it is a relatively expensive and not many shops have it.

Here they are a few glasses in the process:

Above all, as far as we have seen there are two more or less important complications:

The first is that as we all know there are several types of crystal, so the results are not the same as the material may vary. (Better if we can do a test).

The second is that it can be tricky to put the template if the piece is not plane. If it is a relatively flat surface we will have no problem, and once attached the mask we just have to give the product an even layer and let it dry. Once dryed you’ll wash with water. It can also be done by immersion, but to me it seems an unnecessary complication, at least with the brand I’ve used, which is quite thick and is well placed with a brush.
Our first test was a vase with the “white tree” of Gondor, from The Lord of the Rings (to put it together with our mirror of The doors of Moria )

It is more problematic in a cup-like piece. The mere fact that a cylindrical surface, makes us consider the total length of the circumference, but also many of the vessels are slightly tapered so, if we place a drawing that loops through the entire piece we find that the top of the mask will have a different radius than the bottom, which leads to undesirable deformations and wrinkles. Each wrinkle is a possibility that the liquid where it should not and lose definition.

To our knowledge, we can only solve this by making small changes to the design of the mask and being very careful when moving the brush if it has wrinkle. But well worth a little care, when the result will be a nice cold beer in the style of Middle Earth.

This cup has about the registration of the One Ring. This is what it says in common language, in a fairly faithful translation:

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Once we learned the basics as we dare with any type of customization, from initials to images. Changing saga, we made a set of shot glasses with four shields of houses of A Game of Thrones. You have them available in our store.

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  1. Me parece fenomenal, seguir así, queda muy bien y se pueden hacer cosas muy bonitas.con esa técnica.

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