Réplica piedra de Rossetta. Rossetta stone replica

First, a little bit of history.

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian granodiorite inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BCE on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts (with some minor differences between them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

piedra roseta
Piedra de Rosetta en el Brittish Museum

This brief introduction is taken from Wikipedia. We will present a replica of course smaller than the original. It is true that it’s not a faithful replica of the stone but the most important is the inscription, though a more realistic stone  is in pending tasks. As indicated by the  Wikipedia entry is a fragment that has three distinct scriptures from each other and although the size of the reproduction is not too large, 110 x 150 mm., it looks very good.

Our replica is made of  laser engraved methacrylate. Because it was that we had at the time. Now with the knowledge gained from our previous work, we are planning to replicate it as the original but reduced. Because I do not think there are many people who can afford a replica of the original size, 1123 x 757 x 284 mm, and weight (760 kg), to bring it home.

Piedra Roseta
Methacrylate replica.

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