Baby name letters

Letra madera. wooden letter

Back in the new year and re-energized. We begin with a simple craft that will gradually improve to do new things and as always learn. Learn “playing” that’s what we like.
I have not wrote anything but it was for a good reason and now start writing a short little entry that will update with time.
This Christmas brought us two new things, first and foremost, our daughter Mary, why stop everything around us and among other things the blog and shop.
Another Christmas present, although less important also really liked us, saw that we had and were very helpful.

It’s a Dremel Moto Saw. You can use it “freehand” or placed in its holder on the table. It comes in handy because it’s compact model, which for reasons of space in the workshop, for us is very important.

To release it and in honor of the queen of the house, we have done her initial to hang on the door of her future room.
Although it cuts soft metals, the first test was in wood and using the piece that holds the material to be cut, you can put a template on top and cut the line without going above the drawing to the wood, and that makes a big difference.

I cut the letter in 6mm plywood. You see the work does not have much explanation, it’s just a matter of getting used to guide the piece and especially in the corners, at which point I recommend making an approach off the line and then review it once cut, because at the tight curves we are in danger of deviating from the blade or force it. (Although in fact this saw blade is very thin and the piece turns fine)

Once cut, I especially like to see the grain of the wood, I chose a dye and then painted the face with acrylic paint.

The next letter it will lined with fabric. Let’s see how it looks.

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