Middle Earth Map

Resultado final iluminado

The idea of ​​making this map came out just wanting to try a glass engraver “Dremel Engraver” that Miguel gave me. This is not a rotary tool as most Dremel tool, if a punch moves forward and backward.

Dremel Engraver
Dremel Engraver

The realization is just a matter of patience, since the drawing is traced, so it was a matter of a couple of afternoons.

Primer día de grabado
First day of engraved

Well, I thought that the engraved parts would shine if I put lights on the sides, but its not easy to be a homogeneous light.

Primera prueba de iluminación
First test of enlightened

To put a strip of LEDs and illuminate the outline I had to make a framework with sufficient gap. These strips are sold in electronics stores, and although some already come with their own power source,they are typically sold at 9v, 12v and 24v.

Resultado final sin luz
Final result without light
Resultado final iluminado
Final result with light

The pity is that in the first trip made by car from my workshop, where I made the frame to the house … the glass was broken in two halfs. Well, maybe someday we will repeat it.


(The glass was a part of those that are mounted without molding, so it’s easy to find one of the same size, is something to consider when making crafts, look for materials that are easily replaceable, if we start from something we find and that inspires us … will also be a funny handcraft, but a single piece)

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