Casco personalizado. Custom Helmet

My helmet.

A year ago I got my license to drive motorcycles. For practices, I bought a helmet. A silver-gray modular helmet completely with a few black ornaments. When I could have a motorcycle, also gray-silver, I decided to customize the helmet.

Mi casco
My helmet.

As a fan of Star Wars, I thought of putting the Rebel Alliance symbol behind big. As it seemed to me little I found some pictures online of helmets of the Clone Troopers that I loved it, and I said they are going to put the helmet. Again the advantages of having a vinyl cutter. I got to work and cut everything that was going to put the helmet on black vinyl. The helmets of the clone troopers, did not pose any problem in placing them. The symbol of the Alliance was more difficult to put the helmet because there is almost spherical, i.e., is curved from left to right and top to bottom. This part, the most complicated, requiring the use of a hair dryer ordinary and heating the vinyl while it located as this will stretch the vinyl and it sticks better. That if you must be very careful as to stretch the vinyl, also deforms, so we have to try that in place, never lose their shape

Back of the helmet.

And this was all for today.