We are a marriage from Seville, well, we live in Seville. We are called Miguel José and María Jesús, hence the name of mj2 artesanos. We have spent more than fourteen years dedicating ourselves to the world of models, we started with architectural models and the last years with train models. In both works we have done things that nobody promised to do and that is that we are very challenged, so we have always done other things that have nothing to do with the models. We are also quite restless and we are always thinking about things we can do and for the moment what we have proposed we have achieved. So after many people told us to do a blog, well here it is.

Enjoy it !!

If you are interested in something you have seen on the blog, get in touch with us.

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Por fin!!! Orgullosa de vosotros y feliz de que mostréis todo vuestro talento y saber hacer. Enhorabuena y suerte

  2. Enhorabuena, haceis un trabajo excelente. Yo también soy de Sevilla, aunque llevo mucho tiempo fuera… pero se ve el arte que tenemos ajaajajaja. Lo dicho seguid así 😉

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