Modificación modelo comercial ducatti 250 deluxe artesanal

A few weeks ago we were commissioned to make a motorcycle Ducati 250 Deluxe 1971, since is not in the market. Specifically this:


Building it from scratch meant an amount of time and effort that made it an unviable work for a gift and the time with which we had, so we offered the possibility of modifying a commercial scale model “ducati 350 mk3 desmo 1974” that did not had much to do in terms of aesthetics, but overall structure itself served us as a good working basis.


The model is 1/24 scale, which means that the total length is about 9cm.


The first thing we did was to disassemble all that had to change and make a copy of the principal piece (tank and seat base).


From the resin copy, we could work more easily, sanding and cutting the with picture as a model.


The tank had no resemblance, either the seat , so we did in these and other parts a base with modeling clay, oven hardened, to retouch then more carefully.



For painting, we draw a mask to apply the two tones more accurately than doing it freehand.

Chassis only had to change the color and the position of the dampers.

This was the result:


Finally, we used the urn in which came the model and deleted the labeling to add a new one.

Moto in presentation box

Thanks Patricia for letting us play a little, we hope he was pleasantly surprised.

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