We love our work. Definitely. It’s fun, and it’s especially satisfying when someone makes us a commission like that one we show today.

One day a girl contacted us asking if we could make a custom micro stand (for a gift) and after a few conversations about what was within the capabilities of both parties, we came to the conclusion of making something like this:


Well… Let’s do it!!!

The first thing we did was buy anatomical models of spine and skull for a good base.

The main points to be considered were:

1- Elaboration of the wings:

A 5mm pvc d¡cut and folded as a metal sheet,  (to suit later to the skull)


IMG_38992- Attaching to the microphone stand:

IMG_3898At first we thought that the foot bar should go through inside the skull, and we made a hole with a through tube. Then we saw that in this way, it was no space to place the spine in place, so we opted for screwed clamps.

IMG_3956IMG_3919In addition, the column was loose vertebras, connected by a flexible cable, to bend, which did not interest us, so we dismantled and glued each one to give them more rigidity, (but retains some flexibility)

3- Give an evil face to the good old Willy (So called in honor of the one-eyed Willy)

We find that “Willy” looked like a good boy… so once placed the red LEDs and a switch (which decided to put on the advice of a friend), could close the skull and get with modeling. A little less nose, a little more cheeks and eyebrows … Modeling with epoxy putty dry air, as the polymer that we usually use dries in the oven, and poor Willy was not going to hold on.


4- Painting:

After sanding sessions, painting time.

We used automotive paint and special coating for resistant (within reasonable) to wear and scratches.

willywilly_7willy_15willy_47 (3)willy_39

5- Finish:

Although we were hesitant (both client and us) finally we decided suitable a touch of black. Being over the paint can be removed easily so once in their possession they can modify it to their liking.


In the end “he” was like family … fortunately we know that he has gone to a good family. We hope he’ll see the world and have many successes.

The gift was for Manolo the lead singer of ADVERMIX from Murcia. Their facebook and the web of the group:



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