Grail Tablet

Réplica tablilla del grial. grail tablet replica

The Grail tablet was discovered in the mountains at north of Ankara, as told in The Last Crusade. It is one of the two tracks left by the knights of the First Crusade who guarded the Holy Grail and pointing its location. The text engraved in Latin on sandstone describes the way forward to meet him, but unfortunately is broken, and without the top we not have a place to start.

I think that is the Indy movies object that I like more, I guess because it took me many hours (even though I got rid of the first and then repeated).

As I had no intention of using a real stone, I decided to do it on a sheet of high density polyethylene foam, which is easy to handle and has a thickness suitable for this job.

Although I had seen someone who had done so, I didn’t like the way they engraved the letters with a router (by hand, not CNC), I prefer to “write” with solvent. So get to work.

I got a template of the full text of the table, kindly provided by my good friend Peter (Barnett_College at Indy’s issues) and I went over the letters with a pen to mark them on the material.

Proceso tablilla del grial

So far it was only a matter of patience.The following step requires a little more care, and as I say, I tried different types of milling cutters brought me Miguel, butthey did not convincied me and opted for the solvent, which although is a simple (and fun) but can be some uncontrollable until you got the hang of the brush. (First I tried dipping the tip of a marker and a pen, but no, better a brush)
Proceso tablilla del grial 2

As for the shape of the table, we used screenshots and also a book that every good fan of this saga knows “From Star Wars to Indiana Jones” and I call “the bible” because of the number of times I take it as reference for this type of work.

With a abrasive file is given the basic shape and with fine sandpaper termination is given.

This was the result after paint:

After a while I made another, from which I took a mold, with it I have made a copy in plaster and other in resin (loaded with microspherules, to relieve the weight)

Actually these are not the tables we use to make the Grail Tablet rubbing… That’s another story that we will tell you another day.

Now availabe in our tienda.

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