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Grail Tablet II. “The rubbing”

Any good searcher of the Holy Grail, has some tips to help you on his way, and carrying your Grail Tablet would be too heavy.
So our friend Henry Jones had the brilliant idea of ​​making a rubbing of the stone in order to preserve it among the rest of the documentation collected for years in his famous Grail Diary.

Despite being an object that is a few seconds on the screen, we all remember it as Jr later completed the inscription with the Knight’s shield.

I always liked the first version, since is the one that Henry saves and that is why we have replicated it.

The most difficult may seem silly but was finding the right paper. After various tests and look for all the specialized stores, we found a paper that has the same texture and even the same way to “crack” when folded.

Despite having several life-size tables, is not as easy as it looks tracing the rubbing on that surface and achieve the same results, so we decided to make a special table. Our “rubbing maker”. Only one detail of the “maker”, so you can see that everything requires patience, it was a little difficult placing each letter in place but it worth it.

These are the tracings obtained. Before and after folding to save in the Journal of Henry.

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We had fun making them and enjoyed the process from birth until the idea becomes reality.