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Our first model.

Back in 2005, mid-year, we started our career in the world of models in “Escala Maquetas”. In this case it was a mega-project in La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia), although at this point I do not think that they will do it. Obviously I will not say names of projects or promotors.

Estructura de hierro
Structure iron pipes.

The order was a three meters (diameter) circular model  (to satisfy the proposed scale).  We made ​​a structure, divided into three parts, of iron pipes lined the sides by PVC to lighten weight because the buildings it would be made in methacrylate. In this project there was everything, big buildings, houses, golf, fonts, etc… So yes, we started with the simplest model we could began.


As I said earlier, this model had everything, as 6 tall buildings, a hotel, a spa, a putting green (putting course), 22 terraced houses with its own jetty, a parking occupying the entire surface of the plot, because everything previously said was at a higher level.
Unlike the usual way, which is to make buildings with four walls of any material and empty inside, this was made by forged as the real buildings. Why make it so? So simple, these buildings were like a ladder, so the easiest way to do this was by floors.


As you see, it was the easiest way to do it, although we had to glue the outside scratched parts as the original project. The hotel was also made with the same method as the buildings, also because it had same staggered form and was crowned by a helipad between the two towers that formed it.
The villas, 22 townhouses divided in two groups of 11 in different places of the plot, as the scale permitted us, we made the of methacrylate blocks with the different items seen like pillars, pergolas, balustrades and other posts, were attached it above the blocks. These items were also made ​​of methacrylate.


The area of ​​the golf course (putting course) was made into a methacrylate plate with artifficial grass above and  the different lawn areas were painted on a darker green to differentiate it. In this model we put a transparent plate to see what was underneath, there, it was a car park which stretched across the bottom of the project.

In the center of this model was a spa consisting of a round building with a dome and several water fountains from which I have a good memory since that I made it by placing bits of fishing line attached to one another and the truth is that it was quite pretty.

So, this was our first model.  Here you have more pictures of this project. I hope you liked it.

Vista completa
Full view.

How to make trees for nativity scenes, models and dioramas.


Christmas is coming and although it is too early, those who want to make their own nativity scenes are preparing stuff. One of the things that worth the effort (but takes a little while) are trees.

As already told, we have been dedicated to making models for a long time, and for decorating, the trees generally used were purchased at any hobby shop, but most of the time they were not typical trees here..

In this case we will make some olives and some ilex trees. The process is the same, basically the difference is in the type of “green” and the treetop form.

To begin we cut a piece of wire which has many fine threads. Particularly I prefer keeping a piece of the cover to help me to keep them together while doing so. We just have to go on twisting the wires themselves. We make it easier by helping with pliers.

When finished shape the trunk and branches we decide whether to leave a pointed end to stick it somewhere, or make a shape of roots to hold it up. I usually opt for the latter, but is’t a matter of what interests us at all times.
In the case of the olive trees, for example we know they have a trunk with knots, and those who are very old are very twisted, the cup is lower and less compact. The round trunk oaks have a more dense and uniform top and a darker color.
Here is the structure of some olive trees:

In the next picture we see two types of synthetic vegetation. The dark is from a hobby shop, it may be harder to find and more expensive. The moss appears at any store that sells things for Christmas you will find it easely and cheaply. At this time in any place, for the rest of the year maybe you have to search at specialized shops.

Once we have the structure we can cover the trunk with clay (if we have no interest in it last forever) with some kind of putty or wood pulp. (In my case I have immersed them in polyurethane resin, but it is something that is not usually at home). Let the branches conveniently separate to receive the cup and uncovered in order to remain flexible and allow us to model it at the end.

To the top we take the adecuate amount of foliage and paste it to the wires we have left aside for it. Everyone usually use glue he likes. Many people do it with white glue, but it takes time to dry, I prefer to do it with superglue (cyanoacrylate) although I stick a little my fingers.

As the top wires are separated and remain flaxibles we can model the shape until we like how it has been, and if we do several trees, the important thing is that they are all different to give more realism.
As for color, you can touch up with a brush if it seems appropriate.
Finally here are some olive trees and some ilex.

And placed in a model in which the trees were needed to be olives.

If you don’t want to make them, they are available in our store.