“Partners in time” Frame. Back to the future III

Réplica marco regreso al futuro. Back to the future replica.

As you may have noticed, by the things that you’ve shown so far, we like to make replicas of things in the movies, it is a good way to learn and meet new chalenges. One day someone in a forum said: Someone dares to do this? and.. here we go!

This framework is the one that Doc gives to Marty when he returns from the “West”, as a souvenir of their stay there. Tthe picture is well known, and many fans of the movie, like to have a similar framework.

In this case we start from scratch, since there is no (or not found) commercial moldings with the same shape. So we went to look for pine sticks in various measures to build the frame.

As for the color, as not distinguished very well in the film, we have opted for the aged mahogany with bitumen

The original is supposed that ornaments are embossed metal, so with tin foil and a little patience we get some kind of originals and we could make a mold.

We thought to load with aluminium to give it metallic appearance, but the polish make it lost some relief, so a bit of paint, an aged and ready.

This has been the result. With its passepartout and dedication.

And this other picture to compare:

 Partners in Time

While not perfect, all the fans I know who have wanted one, they liked it, and it’s always a pleasure for us when they write and say, “I’ve recieved it. Love it!”

There are several photos circulating on the net, some fans have been changing and modifying them, so we distribuy the frames with uncut passepartout  so each one could set the one you like, and write a dedication in your own way. Some even asked us the decorations just because you want to make the frame itself. Of course, I always thought that the best replica to collect (well, maybe not, but the most satisfying) is that one you have made yourself. So I encourage all fan of this type of collections to do it yourself.

Available in our store.

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