Customizing a motorcycle, scale 1/24

A few weeks ago we were commissioned to make a motorcycle Ducati 250 Deluxe 1971, since is not in the market. Specifically this: Building it from scratch meant an amount of time and effort that made it an unviable work … Continue reading

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Custom colored shirt with wax crayons.

Our baby is growing fast and likes to participate in what we do, so a few weeks ago I thought it was time for our first craft together: A custom colored shirt with her name on it. For this work … Continue reading


Pythagorean Theorem

“In any right triangle the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the legs.” Pythagoras of Samos There are hundreds of demonstrations of this theorem (ES Loomis, cataloged 367 different tests, other authors speak of 1000), … Continue reading

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5 Simple toys with popsicle sticks

Today one of toys for children and adults. (Children with adult supervision, we do not want accidents). It’s a funny little collection of artifacts that we have found in the net and made ​​in a moment, with popsicle sticks, or … Continue reading

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The origins of writing (II). Cuneiform writing.

  One of the earliest types of writing known is the cuneiform. Although Sumerian pictographs come from the late fourth millennium BC these are considered protowriting, since information conveyed by symbols without a linguistic structure. Cuneiform as such is fixed … Continue reading

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The origins of writing (I) The cylinder seal.

The cylinder seals appear in Mesopotamia (Uruk period, 4100-3300 BC). They were small cylinders of stone, glass or other materials, often semi-precious stones, with a carved relief, which making them roll on a clay tablet left recording the motives, as … Continue reading

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Making bracelets with cellulose acetate.

Today I’ll show you how to make a bracelet (or any other accessories) with cellulose acetate as well, I’ll say you a couple of things you should avoid. Cellulose acetate has many applications, such as the photographic negative for movies. … Continue reading