Winged keys

A new year at Hogwarts begins and to celebrate we present a new article on our website.

On this occasion it’s our winged key, inspired by the passage in which Harry Potter and his friends find themselves with a room full of winged keys that obstructs their passage in the search of the Philosopher’s Stone.

“These birds… they can’t be here just for decoration,” said Hermione.
They watched the birds soaring overhead, glittering — glittering?
“They’re not birds!” Harry said suddenly. “They’re keys! Winged keys —
look carefully. So that must mean…” he looked around the chamber while
the other two squinted up at the flock of keys. “… yes — look!
Broomsticks! We’ve got to catch the key to the door!”
“But there are hundreds of them!”

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling

Well, we have made for you one of these keys halfway between enchanted object and magical creature.

ll4 ll9 ll7 ll6 ll2 ll1 ll11

It is a brass key with “natural” wings, thanks to the seeds with the fact that we have a very natural look.

As you can see, it is available in the birdcage version and the version of semi-freedom, with a support shaped clamp.

Happy back to school!