Micro stand. Caduceus. Sarah Evil

Each new project for a micro stand is exciting because we make something unique for the costumer.
This time Sarah asked us for a silver caduceus-shaped stand (with the exception that the heads were dragons instead of snakes).

Imagen: Wikipedia. Usuario Rama

From there, as we always do, we were in contact with her to let her know how the process was and what was being done. This way we are sure that the final result will be of the costumer’s liking and she will involved in a job that will only be for her.

Many times people asks us how much for the same stand than they have seen on our blog. We always answer the same. We do not make duplicates, each one is manufactured according to the costumer’s premises, and if it is not very clear, we do our best to help you and find something personal. (Except in the case of the Bon Jovi replica, which is a collectible item, not a costumization for a singer).

This was the result:

Dragon’s head

And here our friend Sarah the first day she used it:

Here is her facebook page so you can know this great artist from Salamanca:



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