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Guestbook III (DIY “Vintage” box)

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a simple and original guestbook for a wedding, with a vintage style.

On it, your guests may leave their best wishes, written on that great day, and you will be able to store them in a decorative way.

Materials and tools :


The materials that we are going to use are:

– An unpainted wooden box with glass lid. You can find one in DIY stores or hardware stores.

– Nogaline or any dye for woods.

– Colorless wax (for furniture).

– Paint in the color you want, preferably clear.

– Metal grid (At a hardware store).

– Adhesive felt for the bottom of the box.

As for the tools, they are all simple, medium grain sandpaper, scissors or pliers to cut the grid, brush, screwdriver, permanent marker, a stapler and a blade.

1.Unscrew and remove the glass:


Unscrew the metal clasp and hinges to avoid to stain them with paint.

Also remove the glass and sample photo. In this case I just had to bend the metal pins that hold it.

2. Sand:

Sand the entire surface with medium grain sandpaper to remove the dirt that the wood may have adhered.
3. Wood dyeing:


The dye I used to paint the first layer of wood is walnut stain (nogaline). A dye that comes in powder, leaving a darker or lighter colour depending on the ratio of water in the mix.

You only need to apply one layer, as the wood will absorb it instantly and will leave a uniform color.

Let dry for about half an hour (in warm weather, in cold and humid conditions wait until you notice no damp to the touch).


4. Wax:

To create the aged or “vintage” effect we want to give to the box, the wood must be prepared by rubbing a cloth with colorless wax for wood, but not over the entire surface, only some “patches” where we want thr paint peeling off at the end.
5.Prepare the grid:
This is perhaps a little more complicated part.

11 12

To take the measure that we need to cut the grid, put the piece of grid on the box and mark it with a permanent marker on the inside edge of the box.

With scissors or pliers (it depends on the thickness of the wire) cut the grid about 1.5 cm on the outside of the marks that we have done.

It is not necessary to cut it very accurately because the grid is flexible and if necessary we can shrink or expand the holes to match the shape of the box.

Once cut, helping us with a ruler or something with a straight and firm edge, we bend the grid by the marks we did at the beginning, so we get something like a “basket” with all four edges upward.

Before proceeding, we check that the cut piece just fits into the wooden box. We remove it to continue working.

13 14

6. Paint:


Paint the entire outer surface of the box with the chosen color.

Is better if the paint is a little dense, so it will not completely absorbed, (That will help with the sanding).

No need to worry about brush marks in the paint, is part of the final effect.

In this case we will have to wait for the time indicated by the supplier of the paint to dry.

You only need to apply one layer.
7. Sand:

Once dry, sand it with medium grain sandpaper the entire painter surface.insisting on the areas we want to remain with exposed wood.

The wax we gave earlier facilitate this work, as in the waxed areas, paint can not be attached to the wood as now its waterproof.

8.Place the rack:

Now we can definitely place the rack in the box.

Hold it with the stapler. A pair of staples on each side will be fine.

If note that there can be some wire outside the edge of the box. Cut them.

9. Screw:

Remount the box with hinges, lock and glass. (Without the sample photo).


10.Place the felt:

We measure the bottom of the box to cut the adhesive felt. Let’s cut it better than a little big, and after you can cut the excess with a blade.

If you cut in the accurate from the beginning it will be harder to sitick it in place.


11.The cards:

To cut the papers that the guests will write and leave in the box, we have to measure the box and cut them between 5 and 10mm shorter. (As long as you want).


12. The end


We already have our guest book.

Guests can pick up a card, sign it and place it on its site.

I suggest to have placed some cards from the beginning. So, guests will see what to do

You can treasure your box only with the glass in a way that the paper rolls are exposed, or after the wedding decorate it with a nice photo.

We published this tutorial originally in The Instructables community, during the “Wedding contest”, and it was among the winners (Finalist).

You can see it here:


We hope you liked it, We would like to see your work.

And if you like the idea but do not have the time to do it, contact us and we will do it for you.

Guestbook II. Photo card board.

We continue signing books for weddings.

A few weeks ago we showed you the puzzle we did for a wedding and Today we’re bringing you another idea.

It is very simple, but once it is completed is very attractive. Is a numbered wooden board with nails and a box with numbered cards also have pieces of a picture of the couple.

mural8 (Large)

Guests are signing a card randomly and placing it in the right place, so that in the end the image appears on a large mosaic of congratulations.

mural2 (Large)mural6 (Large)

They asked us on 1.1 x 0.8 m but can be made of any size you want, something to consider if you will hang it as decoration in your home.

We accompany it with a wooden box for storing cards and a little sign to match a simple explanation for the guests.

mural1 (Large)mural4 (Large)

Sandra, Ignacio: we wish you all the best in this new phase of your lives.


(And of course thank you for lending your image to illustrate this blog post)

If you like the idea or have any other one for your guest book, do not hesitate to contact us.

A very special guestbook.

It has become very popular (which we did not know, why deny it), the idea of placing as guest book at weddings and other celebrations, a puzzle in which the guests sign one of the parts so that you can keep memories framed or stored in a box.

It is an original idea that one girl asked us a few days ago for her wedding.

Although its sold everywhere, in wood, cut and engraved with laaser, she liked it painted in a light color, and in a “vintage” , worn-out style, so she commissioned to us.

In this case I can not show you the step by step because we hadn’t the opportunity to make the corresponding photos, but I can give you some tips to make it, because although the one you see here is laser cut and not everyone have one available you can decide to do it by hand.


1 (Large)2 (Large)6 (Large)

If you want to make one, here’s the template. You can download a pdf at the following link.

puzzle imagenpuzzle to download.

And a few tips:

– You can use the standard wood sold to do manual labor, but we advise you better use 3mm plywood. (It is sold in model shops) because it is smooth and firm, and will splinter less.

– To paint the wood as you see, worn kind, we recommend staining the wood first with walnut stain (or diluted paint, since we  have not given a primer hand, it will absorb the paint) of the color yuo want for background, and once dry, with a swab or a cloth, apply furniture polish in areas that will expose (sanded), the wax paint not stick in wax and then will be easily removed.

– Depending on whether the end result we want to see the grain of the wood or not, apply primer in this moment. (O diluted white glue). In our case we did not.

– When choosing the color, must be taken into mind that the color of dried paint is generally darker than the one we see in the pot.

-The name and drawings (if we do not have laser) you can make them in various ways, either with brush and paint (rather dense, so it will not run through the veins), also with markers (if you have applied the primer, for the same reason). If you have pyrographer or electronics welder, you can burn  it with heat. In this case best done before the paint and polish them, so they will not be covered then.

– Sand lightly with fine sandpaper across the surface, insist a little more on the areas where we want to lift the paint. (it will easily because it has wax).

Nothing else. Patience, in the end it will be nice.

And if you have a special project in mind but do not have means, contact us for a budget.

If you have any doubt that we can solve, do not hesitate to contact us.