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The Holy Grail

“The search for it is the search for the divine in all of us.”

Marcus Brody

Walking through the world on the trail of the Holy Grail is very tired, so a few years ago I decided to make my own, of course replica of the one in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It was, as always a way to learn with a thing that I like and enjoy. For more accurate replicas and artwork, my friends Fedora_Smith and Restaurajones do real wonders.

As for almost all the props from the movies there were several grails, and as we select different frames we will see slight differences, but in my case it was not accurate, (only a way to have fun), so I’ll  not go into these depths.

I must admit that of all life on hearing “is the cup of a carpenter”, I thought it was a wooden cup … until I realized it did not have to be this way, only concerned a humble cup.

I wanted to learn to make of plaster with a template.

Using multiple images of the movie I did a plane to cut the negatives I’d need, and since I had it  I modeled in 3D to get the idea of ​​how it would be.

The method involves adding plaster axis until it reaches the “template” that will give the shape, so the template is the negative of the piece we want to obtain.

In this case, we will make a preform for the concave (interior) portion. Round and round casting plaster slowly until we get the part. As the shape was cut by hand on a sheet of PVC, it had imperfection s, but I really like seeing those little nicks in the grail over.

On this half sphere, we are going to build the real cup, but to continue pouring plaster, as we don’t want sticking, we first fill the pores and give it some release agent. (In this case I covered the pores with diluted white glue and used wax  as mold release agent, as I had no specific products by hand,)

And round, and plaster, little by little .. we approaching the edge of the die … and finally finished cup.

Once out of the shaft and separate the inner part and the cup itself, I covered the hole left by the axis in the center with a little portion of plaster and let it dry.

I used “english red” to paint the background and gold leaf, which I will not explain how its applied (among other things because I’m far from an expert). If anyone is curious there are many websites where its explained by people with more experience than me.

And to age it … well, they may not be very orthodox methods, but I gace some layers of what was happening to me. White paint, gray paint, lacquer and talcum powder …and putting it in a bag with sand and shake it a bit.

This was the result.

I hope you enjoy it as much as us. Occasionally we have a drink on it, so we stay so young.

Fortune and Glory.


We all know Dr. Henry Jones Jr. or what is the same as Indiana Jones. The vast majority of us, if not all, have seen all his movies including Indiana Jones to the Temple of Doom. If anyone has not seen the movie, I tell you that Indy comes to India and there he is asked to find a sacred stone, one of the Sankara’s stones, which in principle were five but had found three and they had a lot of kids in a cave digging into the rock to find the two missing. Well, the head of a village, asks Indy to retrieve the sacred stone was stolen to his people and bring the children to the village. Above all people reminds this movie for the scene where the evil Mola Ram rips the heart to a guy and he is still alive until Mola Ram gets him into a cage and takes him down inside a volcano when they burrow into the burning lava. Well, in that film, whose favorite phrase of María Jesús, and tells me a lot is “I’ll tell you in the morning,” once set off to the palace of Pankot, looking for the stolen stone, make a stop in the middle of the jungle and Willie, the girl asks Indy if you search for fortune and glory and Dr. Jones explains:

Manuscrito Shankara
Manuscrito Shankara

Indiana: “See, this is a piece of an old manuscript, the pictogram representing Sankara’s, a priest”

Willie: “Is it a kind of writing?”

Indiana: “Yes, Sanskrit, is part of the legend of Sankara that went up the mount kalisa where he found the Hindu god Shiva”

Willie: “Shiva, And what gives the priest?”

Indiana: “Stones, told him to fight evil and help given five sacred stones with magical properties”

Willie: “¿Magic stones? My grandfather was a magician and spent his life with a rabbit in his pocket and doves on the sleeves and made many children happy and died very poor. Magic stones, fortune and glory. Dr. Jones Sweet Dreams.”

Once I told this,  we present the piece of Sankara’s manuscript we can see in the movie, obviously not the original, but it seems a lot. Made of canvas, drawing with crayons, chalk and pencil. All entirely by hand. One of the few things that has not required any type of machine or tool. To me it is one of the replicas that I like most. We have it framed and put on our “freak self” in the Indy area and it’s amazing.

Réplica del manuscrito
Réplica del manuscrito

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