Custom railway stock cars.

Vagón personalizado (marvel) custom wagon (marvel)

Today I will talk about our time like model makers, but this time in the second stage, the railway modellers in Trenes y Maquetas SL (TREYMA). Between model and model, when there was not a large workload, we searched a way to solve the problems we have had in the last model made or how to optimize the way we do it.

Nasa STS
Nasa STS

The acquisition of new machines also made ​​us having to become familiar with them and learn their operation to extract all the performance possible. Well, if we add some extra time, problem solving and the new machine, the result is the customization of wagons, locomotives, etc..

One day, we were commissioned to make a model that, although it was not large in size, it  required many repetitions and it had stickers that needed to be cut. Hence we decided to buy a vinyl cutter.

The plotter we bought was Secabo C30 III, which had a laser positioning system, which allows you, once printed whatever you want to cut in the printer, place it for cutting in the plotter, something more than useful when printing and cut decals.

Star Wars
Star Wars

One problem that most bothered me about the theme of the decals was the decals with white background, which were somewhat thicker than the clear ones, and once placed they let see white edges. Also if they were placed somewhere with a dark background it showed a dark shadow. Well, the solution to this problem was to cut the shape of the decal in a vinyl mask, paint the background in white and place there a transparent decal, the result was more than acceptable, it was almost perfect.

As well as model shop, TREYMA was model train store, and we had H0 scale  wagons with which we could test new techniques for painting and labeling of future models.


During the post have you seen pictures of some of our customizations. Clicking here you have more photos.

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